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  • Oat of This World (Gluten-Free) (Wholesale)
  • Oat of This World (Gluten-Free) (Wholesale)

Oat of This World (Gluten-Free) (Wholesale)

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Just because it doesn’t contain gluten doesn’t mean we skipped the texture and flavor! The oat flour base gives this muffin a light sweetness and the cornmeal exterior gives a satisfying crunch when toasted. Experience gluten-free indulgence with flour sourced from Sisters Gluten Free in Belgrade, MT.

Bulk Case = includes 30 unpackaged muffins
Packaged Case = includes (6) packages of 5 muffins


Oat flour blend (whole oats, tapioca, xanthin gum), water, eggs, honey, olive oil*, salt, gluten free cormeal (whole grain corn), instant yeast (yeast, sorbitan monostearate, absorbic acid), safflower oil*.


Made with gluten-free ingredients in a facility that also produces gluten-containing items