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  • Kamut Sourdough (Wholesale)
  • Kamut Sourdough (Wholesale)

Kamut Sourdough (Wholesale)

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We love Montana grown grains! Our signature flavor is inspired by Kamut, an ancient variety of wheat that lends a buttery, nutty flavor to this muffin. Our sourdough process takes 36 hours to make, lending a wonderful tangy and chewy texture to this unique muffin. Great as a gourmet breakfast sandwich or slathered with a berry jam.

Bulk Case = includes 30 unpackaged muffins
Packaged Case = includes (6) packages of 5 muffins


Kamut whole grain flour *, White flour (wheat flour)*, water, sourdough starter (white flour, rye flour, Kamut whole grain flour, water), honey, olive oil*, salt, cornmeal*, safflower oil* *organic